Monday, June 13, 2011

For the love

Welcome to my blog. I am a stay at home mom of two young boys, but my passion is design. I love improving the beauty and functionality of lives. I say "lives" because I feel that life is simply a mingling of who what why where how. Is the "where" any less important than the "what" or "why"? I think not. Our environment has a big impact on our well-being. Why do people own beachfront property? They want to be connected to something that they love. Why are the people who are featured on the hoarding shows usually very overweight and depressed? Their living space is consuming their lives in a very negative way. I know my mental-state is directly affected by how much clutter is hanging around my home. I feel so much better when there are clean, clear surfaces in my home. The reality is that my husband and I have a small two bed, one bath home with two messy boys and no dishwasher. Life happens and before I know it I am surrounded by two days worth of laundry, dishes and dirt. This is my journey of learning to balance my love of beautiful design with my real life. 

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  1. Hey,
    If you ever want to take a trip to MN, my home is open for you to experiment on (hint hint hint)!

    :) Sara